Property Documentation Service

Landlord-tenant laws vary by state and municipality or Locality, so it is important to know how to handle problem tenants and other rental issues properly. Our managers handle evictions, property inspections, lease negotiations, lease terminations, and the collection of rent from tenants. They also make sure that each property is in compliance with all property codes and safety laws. These services can help landlords avoid costly lawsuits and legal problems.
On Owner behalf, our executive will explain the legal issues and responsibilities to the tenant(s). And we do all the documentation service for all the legal documents collection, prepare lease or contract agreements, Terms and Conditions agreement …etc

The following items will be discussed with the tenant(s):

  • Rent issues – Amount of rent, payment date, escalation in rent as per contract, advance rent, TDS deductions (if any) and any other payments
  • All the Amenities promised by the Owner should be fulfilled
  • All the amenities should be handover to  owners when the contract period end or vacating
  • Duration of lease contract (Agreed by both Tenant and Owners)
  • Areas of property that can be used and those that is out of bound
  • Regular maintenance of property interiors and exteriors
  • Terms and conditions about the repairs and maintenance in the contract
  • Any other legal clauses in the lease contract that need to be explained
  • To understand the terms and conditions of your lease contract (if already existing), we would require a copy of the rental agreement with your tenant.