Privacy Policy


In order to avail Wiseowner® apartment management services User must complete the Registration Form. During the registration the user is required to provide basic contact information details, such as, email, address. A password is provided to the user after registration. This password should not be divulged to others by the user. The information provided by the must be accurate and up to date.

2.Personal Information

Personal information stored in user’s profile is visible only to the user and super user, i.e., apartment president/administrator. Similarly visitor’s information entered in the Visitors Log is available only to the concerned flat owner/tenant whom the visitor meets.

3.Third Party Links

Wiseowner® may contain links to other sites such as vendor sites. Users visiting those sites should do so at their own risk. Wiseowner® cannot guarantee the privacy available at those sites. Our site is a secured site where all transactions are encrypted and this privacy policy pertains to Wiseowner® site alone.

4.Vendor Management Information

Depending on the services requested by the users, vendors’ services will be made available to them. Selection of the vendor is at the discretion of the users and Wiseowner® cannot take responsibility for the quality of the service rendered by the vendors.

5.Mobile and email Notification

I do not have any idea of this section need inputs.

6.Vendor Advertisements

Any special offers and discounts made available to the users of Wiseowner® will be displayed on the digital notice board. As they are vendors’offerings Wiseowner® does not have the policy of endorsing any products, services or vendors.


Wiseowner® has taken every possible precaution to protect the information provided by the user both online and offline. Our site is being protected by SSL encryption. Users’ Login and Password protection responsibility lies in the hands of users. Each time user logs in he/she in strictly advised to log off to protect their personal information. Wiseowner® cannot take any responsibility for the negligence on the part of the user in protecting his personal information.

8.Abuse of Service

Wiseowner® advises users not to post offensive and abusive messages, content, files, images or videos on this site. If it comes to our notice user’s account will be terminated without notice. Wiseowner® cannot take responsibility for such content. Users are advised not to use the content generated on the Wiseowner® site in other social media and Wiseowner® shall not be held responsible for such deeds.

9.Prohibited services and Products

Any legally prohibited items or services are not be transacted through Wiseowner® site.

10.roduct services, Product Warranty

Wiseowner® should not be held responsible for any breach of service agreement or product warranty by the vendors. Wiseowner® only facilitates the contact between the vendors and the owners/users. Any mutually consented transaction is collective responsibility of the user and the vendor.

11.Service Modification

As Wiseowner® evolves, it may make changes to the site, content, vendor services, rules of use. Wiseowner® will make the changes when required without prior notification to the users and vendors.

12.Wiseowner® Help Desk and Customer Support

Help Desk acts as a bridge for communication between owners/tenants, apartment president/administrator and staff. ???