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Urbanites And The Ever Increasing Demand For Apartments

Urbanite by definition means someone who loves to live in cities and towns. After independence, most of the governments that came to power in our country had an urban bias in development. All the new industries, new jobs, new trade opportunities, etc. are all created in urban areas. Sometimes even when a large industry is established outside city limits in rural areas, the towns and cities grew around it engulfing the surrounding villages. Even though the agriculture is still [...]

Affordable Housing

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is pushing forward the scheme of Make in India in a big way to bring in more investments in manufacturing sector and to create more jobs. Several multinational as well as Indian companies have come forward and started setting up of large scale manufacturing units. As these units are labour intensive, mostly they get established in suburban or semi urban areas. But the people that come to work in these workplaces may not be able [...]

India Office Property Market Overview

Gross office take-up in India amounted to 9.3 million sq ft (863,998 sq m) in Q1 2017. The market also recorded about 2.5 million sq ft (232,258 sq m) of precommitments signifying healthy demand. Although Q1 leasing volume represents a 25% decline q-o-q, volume is up by 8% y-o-y. The technology sector continued to generate demand for office space across cities, representing 51% of the total take-up in Q1 2017, followed by engineering and manufacturing on 11% and banking, [...]