Responsibilities of WiseOwner Property Management Company

Wise Owner is a Property Management Company which provides a dedicated services to the property owner who need property management, who own commercial, residential and agricultural properties in India. We provide various reliable services that protect and manage the properties of the owners. We at Wiseowner will provide complete package of services to monitor, secure, maintain the properties where owners are remotely located and not able to focus or periodically check their properties.

Property Guardian Service:

Part of Property Management Services and Properties secured by Wise Owner Property Guardian Services have regular or monthly inspections allowing us to keep a watchful eye over your property and provides a cost effective way to secure your vacant property from unauthorized entry, vandalism and squatters.

Our Service Include:

Security Service:

Guardian provides a full range of security services for all types of properties such as Plot, Building, Individual lands, Agricultural Lands. Our guards provide a visible security presence. We provide broad range of skills from general guarding to highly specialized security roles. We visually show the property status through different media and we provide status through our online Portal.

Building Service:

 Our maintenance team consists of highly qualified tradesmen, provide clients with a single point of contact for all maintenance needs. We also provide an out-of-business-hours service so if a project requires work to be completed within an office environment, and disruption to your staff is a potential problem, we can do the work after hours to meet your needs.

Cleaning Service:

Guardian start with a full understanding of your specific requirements and then develop a detailed cleaning, safety and environmental plan for every area of the site. We work with echo friendly environment measures for leaning, planting and maintaining properties. We always aiming to setup clean and green environment on your property

Rental Property Management Service:

Wiseowner managers will take care of lease enforcement and deal with tenants who break the terms of their leases. We provide various services related to rental property such as renting out property, rent collection, rental documentation, rental advisory, searching tenants, contracts with tenants by negotiating leases, collecting security deposit, dealing with rent issues, Rental arrears, Breaking or enforcing lease, Return of security deposit, Eviction, Illegal possession, Illegal sub-tenancy, Repair disputes, Rental Increase, Maintenance payments ..etc.

Tenant Screening Service:

Renting to people without regard for their criminal background and financial history is one sure way to end up with problem tenants. Some landlords do not run credit or background checks because they do not have the time or know where to get the reports. We are at  WiseOwner manage the entire screening process so that landlords get tenants that pay on time and take better care of their units than those who were not screened

Our Service Include:

  • Criminal Background Verification.
  • Perform a background check to verify identity, income, credit history, rental history, etc.
  • Grade tenant according to pre-defined tenant criteria.
  • Inform tenants who were turned down.

Under Construction Monitoring Service:

Construction Monitoring is a service which provides the client with independent verification (to the extent of the consultant’s engagement) that the works have been completed in accordance with specified requirements. Wiseowner team will make sure an accurate and positive way of checking the quality, accuracy and progress of a construction of your independent house, villa, flat, individual house, commercial building and any other constructions . Our specialist teams will oversee all aspects of construction identified by your due diligence phase and provide reports, updates and advice to give you complete project control.

Our Service Include:

  • Registration of various kinds of Agreements like Lease agreement, Sale agreement, Prepare lease or Contract agreement, Affidavits, Terms and conditions Agreement etc.
  • Schedule title search and legal documentation.
  • Arrangement of Loan for/ against property from almost all Leading Financial Institutions/ banks.

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