Intra Apartment Communication

A private apartment wide internal communication network is available for the residents. The management can broadcast notices to owners and tenants with one click.  The residents can communicate with each other about any relevant information that interests them. They can organize events such as kitty parties with mutual consent. Organizing meetings becomes painless process as everyone can participate online.  

  • All the notifications can be generated and posted to the residents by the management committee.
  • Information about events such as health camp or yoga classes can be easily made known to the residents online.
  • Society meetings can be communicated to the residents automatically.
  • It has a discussion board where residents can exchange their views.
  • The management committee can organize voting  polls for issues such as digging a bore well painting the apartment etc. Voting polls can be digitally conducted for individual and item based issues.
  • It even has integrated a module for conducting Apartment Elections.