Apartment Management

About us

Wiseowner® is a cloud based “software as a service(Saas)” platform. Wiseowner® is a one stop solution for all apartment management related tasks and services for property owners, developers, apartment owners, tenants and vendors. Wiseowner® encompasses several modules that work seamlessly to make apartment management a breeze, a pleasant experience. These modules provide well thought out digital smart solutions for the common problems faced by the apartment managers in their day to day functioning. Apart from apartment management services Wiseowner has also additional services for property management and facility management, construction management etc.

Let  us briefly look at various modules that are integrated into Wiseowner® suite of software:

  1. Accounting and Billing services
  2. Within apartment communication services
  3. Community Social Networking services
  4. Apartment Help Desk services
  5. Security services – visitor log with watchman

A directory of essential services vendors

1) Accounting and Billing services

A complete and comprehensive accounting and billing software is an integral part of Wiseowner platform. It is like having your own high end Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)package right at your fingertips. Once it is properly configured to the needs of an apartment complex, rest is very easy and comfortable. Wiseowner has fully automated the accounting and billing requirements for managing the apartment smoothly. It creates monthly recurring invoices. It has a multiple bank ledger option built into it. It tracks all the incomes and expenses. It automatically generates notifications for invoices, payment reminders such as, pending invoices and paid invoices. Apartment ledger can be viewed by all owners of the flats anytime online. Wiseowner has introduced greater transparency into accounting and billing operations. Tenants are not given access to whole apartment ledger. They can only view information pertinent to them.

2) Within apartment communication

All the notifications can be generated and posted to the residents by the management committee. Information about events, society meetings can be communicated to the residents automatically.  It has a discussion board where residents can exchange their views. Voting  polls can be digitally conducted for individual and item based issues. It even has integrated a module for conducting Apartment Elections.

3) Community Social Networking

A multi-tiered, secured, private social networking module is made available to our customers. Communication with the neighbours within the apartment building, with neighbouring apartments within the Housing society complex, and also can expand the reach to neighbouring housing societies as well. It is like having your own facebook. One can post his/her messages, photos, videos etc. share them with friends. The residents who are good tutors, teachers of dance, music, drawing and painting, crafts can broadcast their skills so that people who are in need of such services can contact them. A great platform for collectively planning festivals, functions, events, products exhibits, health camps, religious and yoga camps with mutual consent.

4) Help Desk

It is a virtual complaint box where one can send messages and requests for services or maintenance to the apartment staff or administrators. Help desk allows communication between apartment management committee, owners and tenants on apartment related issues. Residents can raise special maintenance requests that require the services of outside vendors and those requests will be sent to the concerned vendors for negotiation.

5) Security Services

It is a very important module which keeps tab on who enters the apartment premises at what time and leaves it at what time. It lies with the watchman who can account for staff, maids, salespersons, labourers, vendors. The watchman has a digital visitors log where the visitors details are kept meticulously and same information is made available to the concerned resident online.

6) A service Vendor Directory

As a special bonus for our customers, Wiseowner has included a directory of various services vendors. These vendors have to sign up and subscribe to the wiseowner platform. Wiseowner screens the vendors for their reputation and skills. A special advanced filtering of vendors categorizes them according to the type of service they provide and proximity to  a location. Owners and tenants have a choice to opt for a vendor. Whenever a resident raises a request for a vendor services several vendors can quote their estimated price and the user has a choice to select whom. Once a service is rendered by a vendor, owner and tenants can give their ratings and comments on him. Even the vendor can request for a rating by the users along with comments and the vendor can answer appropriately if there is any short coming.