About Us

Who we are?

Wiseowner® is a cloud based “software as a service(Saas)” platform. Wiseowner® is a one stop solution for all apartment management related tasks and services for property owners, developers, apartment owners, tenants and vendors. Wiseowner® encompasses several modules that work seamlessly to make apartment management a breeze, a pleasant experience. These modules provide well thought out digital smart solutions for the common problems faced by the apartment managers in their day to day functioning. Apart from apartment management services Wiseowner has also additional services for property management and facility management, construction management etc.

What We Do?

Wise Owner Provide Various Reliable Services such as

Apartment Managing Services
Tenant Management Service
Property Management Service
Legal Advisory Service
Property Guardian Service

This will help property owners to reduce the risk factors with property management.

Benefits of Using WiseOwner

Owning a rental property can be a rewarding experience, as it often generates a steady income. However, a rental property only generates income when a landlord has good tenants who pay their rent on time and do not destroy their units. Once a landlord encounters a problem tenant, owning and managing a rental property becomes difficult and time-consuming.

Using a professional property management company like WiseOwner has a number of benefits for landlords, especially those who own multiple properties.

  • Save landlords a significant amount of time and money and make owning a rental property more rewarding.
  • WiseOwner is that handle all tenant screening activities.
  • WiseOwner handle all of the legal aspects of dealing with tenants and maintaining a property.
  • WiseOwner will collect rent on time every month to ensure that property taxes and other expenses are paid on time.
  • Making a profit as a landlord comes down to collecting rent consistently and knowing how to reduce the tax burden of owning a rental property.
  • Shorten vacancy cycles, which cost a landlord money, and helping good tenants whenever they have a problem. This improves the chances of a good tenant staying in the property.
  • Allows landlords greater freedom. Instead of being attached to one property, a landlord can buy multiple properties in different locations and let the property management company take care of each one.

Our service focused on following:

  • Individual Properties
  • Commercial offices
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Educational Centers
  • Retail & Residential areas
  • Licensed premises
  • High Rise and Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Sites
  • Plots or Individual Own Lands
  • Food Processing / Manufacturing Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Licenced Clubs, Pubs and Venues
  • Stadiums and Sporting Facilities
  • Automotive (showrooms / dealerships / service centres)
  • Schools, Universities and Technical Colleges
  • Agriculture Lands & Form Houses
  • Government Departments
  • Shopping Centers and Retail Sites
  • Offices and Business Parks
  • Warehousing Facilities
  • Computer Rooms
  • Financial Services Sector

Cleaning Services

Guardian start with a full understanding of your specific requirements and then develop a detailed cleaning, safety and environmental plan for every area of the site. We work with echo friendly environment measures for leaning, planting and maintaining properties. We always aiming to setup clean and green environment on your property.

Our service focused on following

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Builders’ Site Clean
  • Inside Building Cleaning
  • Painting
  • Window Cleaning
  • Hard Floor Maintenance (re-polishing floor surfaces)
  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Roadway / Carpark Sweeping
  • Plant Hire
  • Indoor Plant Hire

Building Services

Our maintenance team consists of highly qualified tradesmen, provide clients with a single point of contact for all maintenance needs. We also provide an out-of-business-hours service so if a project requires work to be completed within an office environment, and disruption to your staff is a potential problem, we can do the work after hours to meet your needs.

Our service focused on following:

  • Pest Control
  • Waste Management Services (Recycling, Waste Removal, Grease Trap Servicing, Medical Waste, Sharps, etc)
  • Fire Protection Services
  • Bathroom Requisites and Consumables (i.e., toilet paper, soap, hand towels)
  • Managed Washroom Services – Sanitary / Hygiene Services / Nappy Bins / Air Fresheners / etc
  • Laundry Services – Garment Rental / Tea Towels / Matting / etc
  • Indoor Plant Hire
  • Emergency Services
  • All Trade Services (Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry, etc)
  • Electrical Testing and Tagging
  • Handyman Services
  • Office Consumables / Stationary Supplies
  • Catering Services
  • One-off Purchasing
  • Roof and Ceiling Repairs
  • Vending Services
  • Labour Hire Services
  • Cleaning Equipment Supplies